• BSF1-100G3(0B08)


Automatic stirring with speed-adjusting tools

Situational interaction, voice controlling operation

Automatic and accurate oil and water injection

Drawer type water tray

Automatically and accurately thicken with starch evenly

Gas leakage protection

Cookware spining around main axis to achieve multi-angle cooking

Human voice operating tips

Automatically serving dishes

Fault self-diagnosis and prompt

Automatic recording and statistics collecting of cooking process

Built-in rinsing water gun

Storage space of over 1000 cooking programs

Auxiliary labor-saving trolley to put dish basins

Barcode Printers and related software

Dishes development software

PC data line and softdog

Product modelBSF1-100G3(0B08)Rating power1.5kW
Rated voltage/frequencyAC 220V/50HzWater pressure range0.10.6MPa
Types of heatingliquefied gas 19Y/20Y/22Y-2800PaOverall dimension(Length×width×height)1230×1100×1295(mm)
Natural gas 10T/12T-2000Pa
Single quantity produced3-10kg

Average cooking time

Net weight325kgExternal colorStainless steel wire drawing
Gas pipe connectionG1 Male thread connectorInlet interfacG1/2 Male thread interface
Space width of installation site>1230mmSpace depth of installation site>1100mm
Space height of installation site>1490mmNet area of installation site>1.35m²

Remarks: Customers using the model should be set aside at least 600mm operating space for the product front, and configure itself exhaust pipes and ventilation equipment to maintain good ventilated condition.

※Product description reserves the right to change due to technological progress