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Now Pansum Technology is inviting investments across the whole country, with the sincere hope of cooperating with people of insight, dedicating to promotion of solutions to Chinese food standardization and achievement of wealth dream hand in hand!


Trational Chinese catering industry is currently facing huge challenge of Three High One Low Age( High Rent, High Salary, High-quality Materials, and Low Profits)

--Labor shortage, high labor cost and backward management become common problems

--Enery and labor costs continue to rise

--Highly experience-dependent cooking makes it difficult to ensure stability of dish quality; Food safefy can not be guaranteed.

--Chef training in urgent need of advanced management has sharp conflicts with the current backward management model.

There are two foundamental causes to the problems. On one thing, the model of live cooking in the kitchen is out of date, which is represented by random manual production, single workshop style management and heavy dependence on chefs’ cooking experience. On the other, supply management lags far behind, which is embodied in original production mode and extensive distribution mode. The former is difficult to support specialization, standardization and order-oriented agricultural production while the latter, characterized by room-temperature, fragmented and multi-level distribution network, caused an attrition rate up to 35% in the course of storage and transportation as well as generating a large amount of municipal waste. 

In order to solve the problems above, it is necessary to reconstruct the current business model of Chinese catering industry, providing customers with overall solution to the standardization, securitization, high efficiency and low cost of the whole supply chain.

A revolution is looming ahead.


Original Innovation
Intelligent Cooking Robot is a original project of Pansum Technology, which was launched in 2002. With 4 years of continuous research and development, the company made breakthroughs in 2006 and successfully developed the world's first sample machine of intelligent Chinese cuisine cooking robot--AIC. In March 2006, Intelligent Cooking Robot Project passed Science and Technology Achievement Appraisal led by Academician Mr. Hegao CAI with appraisal conclusions that “The project has independent intellectual property rights and is an international initiative process! The technology used has reached the international advanced level. It is a original innovative project!"


Pansum’s intelligent cooking robot project was listed as a national project for four consecutive years. In 2006 and 2007, “Automatic Chinese Cuisine Cooking Robot for the Old and the Disabled(2006AA040205)” and “Cooking Robot System of Multi-robot System Technology(2007AA041601)” were elected as key robot making projects in the field of advanced manufacturing of National 863 Plan. In 2008 and 2009, these two projects: “Operating Mode  of Frying Cooking Robots’ Cooking Techniques and Innovative Scheme Design of Cookware Mechanism (60875060)” and “Studies on Automation and intellectualization of Chinese Cooking Techniques(60975056)” were chose to be general programs of  the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Project Status

Recommended projects of the 3rd and the 4th China, Japan and Korea Robot Workshop (Japan, 2008; Beijing, 2009);

Speaker Project of World Robotics Assembly (The Hague, 2009);

National High-tech Enterprise (2010);

Demo Project of Shanghai World Expo (Shanghai, 2010);

National Key Industry Promotion Project (2011);

National Low-carbon Demonstration Project (2013);

The First Prize in Scientific and Technological Progress Award of China Cuisine Association (2014);

Major project of Shenzhen City for consecutive years from 2009 to 2013

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