Since its establishment in 2003, Pansum Technology has been committed to the research and development of standardized cooking of Chinese meals as well as the intellectualization, energy efficiency of cooking equipment. A decade of endeavors and perseverance in brave innovation leads to the large-scale application of its cooking robots today, which inspired the whole world. Equipped with master cooking skills and convenient, user-friendly operation interface, the cooking robot was proficient in cooking Chinese eight major cuisines and capable of customizing more than 1000 dishes to satisfy demands for different regional tastes at the most extend.

  • sucessfully listed in NEEQ, stock code: 834354

  • successfully expanded oversea markets in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia

  • established regional branches

  • offically started trial sales in bulk of products; set up typical user points in all regions; opened new markets in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Xi’an, etc.

  • invited to Shanghai World Expo; national leaders such as Wang Qishan, Wu Yi, Zeng Qinghong and so on came to vist; Vice Premier Hui Liangyu with Huang Huahua, Wang Rong, Xu Qin and other heads of national ministries paid a inspection vist;

  • The cooking robot, AIC was invited to attend "The Second China Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival"; Pansum Technology has been approved in the certification of the National High-Tech Enterprise;

  • The cooking robot, AIC, was invited to attend “the Modern Logistics Equipment Exhibition of the Army”; Pansum Technology accepted exclusive interview from “Talking to Cooking Robot” of Phoenix TV. 

  • undertook the key project of the National 863 Plan—“Cooking Robot System of Multi-robot System Technology (2007AA041601)"; The cooking robot, AIC, was invited to participate in "the Ninth High-Tech Fair"

  • Cooking Robot Project passed appraisal of expert team led by Academician Mr. Cai Hegao and Cooking Master Mr. Shi Zhengliang; The cooking robot, AIC was invited to participate in “the Eighth High-Tech Fair”; Undertook the key project of the National 863 Plan—“Cooking Robot Designed for the Old and the Disabled(2006AA040205)”

  • Pansum Technology was officially established.

  • Liu Xinyu, chairman of the board, obtained the first invention patent of cooking robot.


Since 2002