Industrial Meals Supply

Industrial meals supply, is a breathrough and innovation to the traditional feeding pattern based on the application of modern science and technology, information technology and modern management methods, which represents the trend of development of standardization and industrialization of Chinese food. It can be expected that in the near future, intensive feeding is bound to be the mainstream model and best solution to feeding practices of schools, enterprises and other fields.

Cases Display

In a few years, Pansum’s cooking robot has been recognized by a number of users and received extended social reputation.

Our products were widely used in companies like Beijing Xiangeqing, Co., Ltd. and Huawei oversea companies and so on.

  • Jiangsu Public News - Smart Kitchen

    Jiangsu TV Copywriter: Smart Kitchens have been put into use in some primary and secondary schools in Nanjing: robot cooking and intensive feeding not only greatly improved work efficiency while reducing costs, but also effectively ensured food safety and scientific catering of children, as well as realization of social all-round monitoring and real-time interaction, which produced good economic and social benefits.

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