Legal Notices


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Terms of Conditions for Information Release 

   Pansum Technology can only use for legal purposes, that is, to view information, online consulting, user communication.


(1) Prohibit the publication of deficient or false information. We will retain the right to suspend or terminate the service to the user if the user is found to have violated the relevant usage rules.

⑵ All information published on this website shall not violate the laws, regulations, administrative measures and other relevant laws and regulations of the state and local government on Internet Information Security;

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(5) Without authorization of the Website, it is forbidden to use the information on this website for other purposes.


The User Privacy Policy

     To respect user privacy is a basic policy of customer service of Pansum Technology. Pansum Technology will not disclose or reveal their registration information to a third party and store non-public content of Pansum’s user platform without the legitimate user authorization, except in the following circumstances:


(1) The user for their improper information confidential reason leads to users’ non-public information disclosure

(2) Due to network line, hacker attack, computer virus, government regulation and other causes of information disclosure, lost, stolen or tampered, etc;

(3) The relevant laws or management of Pansum Technology’s services require providing the user's personal information;

(4) In case of emergency to safeguard life and property safety of users and the public.