Company Profile

Shenzhen Pansum Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2003, is a leading domestic overall solution provider of Chinese food standardization, listing itself in NEEQ in November, 

2015 with stock code of 834354, abbreviation of Pansum Tech., Be the first cooking robot company listed and traded in “NEEQ”.The headquarter of Pansum Technology, located in Shenzhen Nanshan District which is known as “China's Silicon Valley”, occupies 9 thousand square meters of office space and production area,and 60% of its employees have bachelor degrees or above.

Pansum has set up marketing branches in such cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing and so on, conducting marketing activities and customer service in markets of north, east, south and west of China. In the coming future, 

Pansum Technology will continue to strengthen product innovation and marketing efforts, centering on cooking robot, regarding smart kitchen and industrial meas supply program as overall solution, continuing to lead the green industrial revolution of Chinese food standardization.


In a few years, Pansum’s cooking robot has been recognized by a number of users and received extended social reputation.

Pansum’s products are widely used in such famous enterprises as Beijing Xiangeqing Co.,Ltd., Huawei oversea companies, Country Style Cooking(CSC), Cafe DE Coral, Tao Heung Holdings Ltd., Tang Palace (China) Holdings Ltd.and Xibei Catering Company as well as the major primary and secondary schools, hospitals, government agencies,troops,enterprises and institutions’ canteens.Beginning in 2013, Pansum Technology started selling in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and other countries and regions.