• BS-9800

  • BS-9800

  • BS-9800


This product could cut potato, carrots, white radishes, bamboo shoots, sweet potato, taros, onions, mangoes, green peppers, pineapples, pawpaws and other agricultural products.

A 10mm knife tackle is attached with this product. When matching up with 5mm and 20mm knife tackles, you only need to change circular knife tackle and cutting knife tackle, which is vey convenient. 

If it is not the above-mentioned specification, the blade and aluminous knife switch shall be changed simultaneously.

Product framework of SUS304 stainless steel, durable in use.

There is a micro-switch at material inlet cap, which is operational safety.

Fast cutting speed, produce twenty-five times workload of one person in equal times Taking cutting carrots into 10mm dices as an example, the output could reach 500-800kg/h.

Product Model

Rated Voltage/FrequencyAC 380V/50HzWeight85kg
Rating Power1.12kWDimensionsL800×W700×H1300 (mm)